How to Use

How to Use Magic Foil Glue:

Make glue design on surface of shoe.  Dry for 1-8 hours.  When dry put foil, color side up over glue.  Rub with fingers, peel off foil.  Foil only sticks to designed areas with magic foil glue!

HINT: Correcting Mistakes – Apply more glue over missed area, let dry, press on more foil.

Washable, gentle cycle

Foil glue how to use

Application of Jewels and Sequins with Jewel Glue

Wear or wash after 24 hours of drying.


  • Poke a hole in jewel glue applicator tip with a large paper clip to release a more precise line of glue.  To cover larger surfaces, snip tip near top.  Apply small bead of Jewel Glue; position gemstone.
  • Easily cleaned with water when wet.  Remove dried Jewel Glue from clothing by dry cleaning.  Do NOT dry clean finished shoe with decorations on it.
  • Requires only a small amount to really hold; position item gently (NO PRESSING HARD) to prevent oozing or soaking through.  Dries clear.

Jewel Glue's unique formula actually gets STRONGER when exposed to dryer heat.

sequin jewels sequin jewel

fire crystalHints on Attaching Swarovski Rhinestones with Jewel Glue

Hint: Put a dollop of Jewel Glue into a small plastic cap, or small non-porous container and use an orange stick (wood stick used to push back cuticles) or toothpick to dab small drops onto fabric. Use enough glue for the Swarovski rhinestones, making sure the edge of each Swarovski rhinestone is sitting in the glue for maximum adhesion. The Jewel Glue appears white, but dries clear. Do not let Jewel Glue form a gooey hardened top skin before gluing because Swarovski rhinestones won’t stick properly. Add more dollops of Jewel Glue to plastic cap or container as needed and remember to cover glue bottle or tube with cap while working on project so it doesn’t dry. Do not move fabric on shoes for 24 hours allowing it to dry. Wait one week before gentle washing or hand washing your shoes.

3d glue


How to Use 3-D Glitter, Sparkle and Metallic Paint:

Shake paint down in bottle before using.  Gently squeeze bottle & push tip down into the surface as painting.  NEW patented paint bottle tip for creating fine lines. 

HINT:  Use paint brush for coloring in larger areas.