The Shoe Decorating Kit that has everything,
even the shoes!

Fun Shoe Art, Decorate Your Shoes
Decorate your canvas slip-on shoes with lots of jewels! Mix glitter paint and bright jewels with our shoes for more fun, creative and unique designs.
Fun and creative!  Just use your imagination to decorate your very own canvas slip-on shoes. Create 3-D effects with all our products on your shoes. The sky’s the limit!
Be creative and paint your whole shoe a new, exciting color.  Use our ‘easy to use” magic foil with magic foil glue for shiny 3-D effects. Use all the fun stuff that comes in our Fun Shoe Art kit… 3-D glitter paint, jewels, magic foil and even sequins to create and design your own really unique and cool shoes!
Fun Shoe Art Jewels
Decorate Your Shoes - Hearts